Cleaning With Borax

Some Great Ideas for Using Borax in Your Home Cleaning Tasks

Do you want to make sure that your home is clean, without using harsh chemicals that can harm people, pets and the environment? Have you been trying to find solutions that will get the deep grime and stains removed from the various surfaces in your home? If so, then you will be ecstatic to discover all of the ways that Borax can help you to beautify your home naturally and effectively.

For instance, did you know that you can use Borax in order to remove the mold and mildew that is on your bathroom tiles and grout? It can be very frustrating to clean and scrub between tiles in an effort to remove these organisms. However, you do not have to resort to the harsh items sold in the housecleaning section of your local grocery store. Instead, make a thick paste of Borax and water. Apply this generously to your tiles, focusing on the grout and other areas where you can see staining or build-up. Let it dry overnight, and then wash it away. Your tiles and grout will sparkle!

Another great tip for using Borax in your bathroom is to use it for cleaning the toilet bowl. Flush the bowl, or use a toilet bowl scrubber to make sure the inside of the bowl is wet all the way up the sides. Then, sprinkle one cup of Borax into the bowl, focusing on the areas above the water line. Allow it to sit overnight, or perhaps during the day when everyone is gone to work or school, and then use your regular toilet bowl brush to give it a quick scrub. You will see all of the stains, mold and other contaminants go into the water, leaving behind a beautiful, shiny toilet bowl.

The sinks in your home can also benefit from a Borax cleansing. Mix one cup of the white powder with a quarter cup of lemon juice, which can be fresh, or from a bottle. Add water as needed to keep the paste at a workable consistency. You can use this solution in both porcelain and stainless steel sinks to make them look like they once did. Scrub the entire sink, taking a few extra moments to work the paste into stained areas. In fact, you can even let it sit for a few minutes to allow it to work, leaving you with less of a chore when you return. The residents of your home are certain to be amazed at the difference in how your bathroom and kitchen look just by shining up the sinks!

There are countless other ways that you can use Borax in your home to make it a more comfortable place to live. From laundry to pet stains, it can boost virtually all of your cleaning efforts. Continue to learn about this fantastic and inexpensive product if you want to focus on environmentally friendly ways to keep your home and belongings clean and fresh!

Daily Bathroom Cleaning Routine

When it comes to keeping a bathroom clean, there is a video available from guaranteed to walk you through the short tasks that will give you the most bang for the buck when completed on a daily basis. Using these tips, viewers learn that it doesn’t have to take more than five minutes to keep any bathroom always fresh and clean for yourself and for any surprise guests who pop in when you least expect them. The core message in this cleaning video is that while tasks may vary, the key to success is consistency.

Bathrooms are the first places that people go to in the morning the last room visited at night. It’s the place where you make yourself feel fresh and clean, so it should be fresh and clean. Choosing to do the following tasks, or some version of them, every day means that your big bathroom cleanup will be easier, too.

The tips begin with the shower. Instead of getting in and out without bothering to make the space ready for the next person, this video stresses how effective a few seconds with the squeegee are after every showering session. Quick wipe downs mean that there won’t be a soap scum build up and that the space will be inviting the next time you need to use it. Keep the products stored in the bath and shower area to a strict minimum to speed the process.

The minimal approach is at the core of the video. To make sure that no one task takes longer than a minute or so, it is recommended that all the surfaces be kept clear of products with the exception of facial cleansers and tooth care products. The reasoning behind this is that putting these daily items away every day will actually add time to your routine, while eliminating the storage of seldom used products from the tops of counters means that counter wipe downs can be done in a minute or less.

In order to keep your toilet bowl fresh and clean, add some baking soda before retiring for the night. In the morning, a single flush of the toilet will keep your bathroom feeling fresh and clean for the day. Take 20 or 30 seconds each time you enter the room to tidy up. You can straighten or replace the towels, pick up clothing on the floor, or empty the trash in that amount of time. In just seconds, you’ll have a room you will want to return to the next time you need it.

Finally, if you share the bathroom with one or more people, take the time to talk to them about these micro-cleaning tasks. If you are lucky, your bathroom mates will get on board with the idea and will tidy and wipe down like true champions. However, it is often the case that you will be the only one willing to adhere to this daily bathroom cleaning routine. Instead of getting mad at them, resolve to do it for yourself so that you always have a nice and clean bathroom at your disposal.